About Us

Thank you for stopping by to read our “About” page, it means a lot to us because this is where we can pour our hearts out in appreciation to you.

We at LINKUP have thought long and hard about how best to bring together the Nigerian international community.

We know that Nigerians, spread across the world, are educated, agile professionals who work hard daily. We also want to link Nigerians who are single and looking to love, date, relationship, or marriage across the globe, hence the name LINKUP.

Our nickname, Naija Professionals or Naija Professional Dating is a means to command respect for Nigerians both home and abroad from non-Nigerians that we are up to par, and we are a force to reckon with.

You can see that you are our primary focus, our target, and our only goal here is to help Nigerians bridge one of the connection gaps that is missing; connecting with single Nigerian professionals who are ready to mingle both home and abroad.

We strongly believe that on this platform, you will feel at home, meet other singles in our community.

Again, you are our primary focus, we work for you, and we are here for you 24/7. Please contact us at:
+1 (443) 251-6987

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Thank you